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Resources for Acupuncturists

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Acupuncture Resources

Nina Qu and Annie Qu, Acupuncture to Go, New York, NY
Andy Rosenfarb, (acupuncture) Panos Ioannu (chinese medicine), Westfield, NJ
Risa Silverstein Acupuncture, Watchung, NJ
Belinda Liau, Acupuncturist, Lake Mary, FL
Ed Cunningham RN, M.Ac., R.Ac - acupuncture, Philadelphia, Pa
Heike Schulte Acupuncture, Dobbs Ferry, NY
Elisha Weinberg Acupuncture, Redmond, WA
William Mogan Acupuncture, Minneapolis, MN
Jason Elias Acupuncture, New Paltz, NY
Dr Grossman Vision Care, New Paltz, NY
Dr. Ron Wish Craniosacral Therapy, Upper Nyack, New York
Edson Acupuncture, New Paltz, NY
Cynthia Rose Acupuncture & Bowen Technique, New York, NY
Bonnie's Nutrition Herbal Alternatives
Visionworks Alternative Vision Care
Websites for Acupuncturists
Acupuncture colleges and oriental medicine schools

Alternative Health Resources

Shop for Lenses
Dr Barry Sears, Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil, OmegaRx Zone - >Information and source for products formulated by Dr. Barry Sears including pharmaceutical grade fish oil, organic olive oil high in lipid soluble polyphenols, etc.
Enhanced Healing Through Relaxation Music Relaxation music, positive affirmations and online counseling for stress, wellness and healing and self-esteem.
Drug Rehabilitation Center Holistic drug and alcohol rehabilitation program specializing in chronic relapse and dual diagnosis.
Drug Detox Center Resources and information about drug and alcohol detoxification and addiction treatment.
Alcoholism Treatment Resources and information about alcoholism, drug addiction and addiction treatment options.
Non-Profit Addiction Treatment Resource charitable organization dedicated to providing addiction treatment and drug rehabilitation services to those in need.
Alcoholism and Addiction Treatment in Florida Holistic drug & alcohol rehabilitation program located in North Miami Beach, Florida.
Natural Herbs, Medicine and Herbal Remedies Guide providing informative reviews and information for health conscious consumers.
Natural Alternatives for Hypothyroid and Hyperthyroid, New York
Healing indoor waterfalls

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